Outsource Seo Link Building Campaign to a Reliable Partner

Do you want to outsource your Seo link building campaign to a reliable partner with knowledge of business, then you are at the right place. Simple Seo is specialized in creating quality backlinks considering a variety link profile that meets all requirements of the latest Google algorithm updates. To start a link building campaign you can send us your target keywords or let us discover the most valuable keywords we can go after for you. We will always give you advise on which keywords will be very valuable for your business, also when you give us keywords to go after. To determine which are the best keywords to go after we will analyze the competition, you own site and with a keyword ranking analysis we will discover keyword ranking opportunities for keywords that will bring you more business and sales if we would focus on these keywords to get your website ranked higher in Google for those key terms. Below you will find our packages and an explanation of the work involved with these packages. To make a purchase you can hit the “Order Now” button and then you can pay on the secure SSL page of Mollie with Bank Transfer, iDeal, Bitcoin, Bancontact, Sofort Bankin, KBC/CBC or Belfius Direct Net. In case you prefer a pre-payment of 30% and 70% after delivery then please contact us for a custom quote and/or invoice. We also offer an interesting discount when you continue your package for 6 months. You will then get your 7th month 100% for free from us. Please bear in mind that the purchase price on this page is without value added tax. In case you have a Dutch business registration number you need to use the purchase link on this page!

  • Good for:
  • Unique in-house written Copyscape proof, SEO optimized articles to promote your business, average 400 words permanently published on Dutch media blogs which are hosted on unique A, B and C-Class IP´s. The domains have an average Domain Authority of 17 and have minimal 3 authority backlinks and a healthy domain history!
  • Permanent web 2.0 blog + unique Copyscape proof unique SEO optimized articles which promote your business, 400 words on average
  • Permanent Dutch business listing and directory links which are hosted on unique A, B and C-Class IP addresses (no cheap start page clones), average DA of 20
  • Dutch Advertisements with link to your site. We will write 1 ad text for each 10 publications. Each month during 1 year your ads will be put back in the top so they will be better found on the classified ads sites. You have the option to extend these ads for a small fee of €15,- per year per written ad text if it turns out that you are getting sales and good referrals from these ads.
  • Naturale link profile and keyword anchor text variation
  • SEO Consult and Advise; We will give you quick win tips which get you (and us) better results.
  • Keyword Ranking Report Before and After To Report Results!
  • Bronse

  • 359,-

    (one time-fee, permanent links)

  • Low Competition and/or Conversion Value
  • 5
  • 1
  • 5
  • 10
  • yes
  • yes
  • yes
  • Silver

  • 599,-

    (one time-fee, permanent links)

  • Medium Competition and/or Conversion Value
  • 8
  • 2
  • 10
  • 20
  • yes
  • yes
  • yes
  • Gold

  • 999,-

    (one time-fee, permanent links)

  • High Competition and/or Conversion Value
  • 15
  • 4
  • 20
  • 30
  • yes
  • yes
  • yes

What Will You Get?

Valuable Dutch Content Blog Links From Blog Sites With Authority Backlinks, Healthy Domain History and Good Trust & Citation Flow

We will publish articles which promote your business permanently on blogs which are hosted on domains that have a very good natural backlinks profile. The domains have backlinks from authoritative websites and a good domain history which builds trust. These blogs are effective link resources as they will pass the link juice from these authoritative domains to your web site which will help to get your site ranked higher in Google which will lead to more website visitors and then you can make more sales. Every blog is published on its own unique A, B or C-Class IP address resulting in a high diversified backlink profile to your site. All blogs have an average Domain Authority of 17. An additional benefit from our link resources is that will pass a bit but very targeted traffic to your site. We optimize the blog posts for long tail keywords and for these keywords we can get our blogs ranked in Google and thus sending you some traffic. Your article will be found on the homepages of the blogs with a clickable homepage in content link (homepage in content link are the strongest links you can get). The publications are permanent and we give a guarantee that your blog articles will be on the homepage for at least a year before they can move to the second page. We post maximum 15 articles on the homepage which means a maximum of 15 outgoing links on the homepage. This way we do not spill link juice and will keep the links powerful. This means that you will benefit at least one year of the strength of the homepage and that the homepage link power will not be divided by more than 15 outgoing links. When your article goes to page 2 you will still have the power from page 2 and your own article full layout page, thus you will keep permanent link juice coming from our sites and never have to pay any recurring fees as many other media agencies will charge you for.

Web 2.0 Properties With In Content Backlinks

Our web 2.0 backlinks are located within the content of an optimized web 2.0 site. We create these web 2.0 properties on hosted blog platforms like WordPress.com, Tumblr.com, Webs.com and Typepad.com. The homepages of these websites have a very high Domain Authority and Page Rank and because of the interlinking system of these hosted blog sites this authority will get passed through to all the blogs which are hosted on that site. We will always try to get your best keyword in the sub domain making it highly relevant for the keywords we are promoting and want to get ranked for. An example of how a URL would look like for a local ICT service company which is based in Amsterdam could be: http://ict-services-amsterdam.wordpress.com. Your link will come from the homepage of that blog thus passing through quite some link value from a highly relevant in content article and sub domain. The articles we publish are all manually and custom written to ensure a high quality reference to your site. We will always send you the articles first to get them approved for online publishing!

Quality Business Page and Directory Listings Links

We will list your site permanent on high quality business page and directory sites. All links will be from unique A, B & C-Class IP address which will result in a divers link profile. The price you pay is much lower than the price normal visitors of these directories pay for a listing which means you will get a nice discount on the normal consumer price. You will also receive additional services which gives you a hands-off experience and we will make sure that the listings are of the highest quality with call-to-action headlines and grammatically correct, unique custom written website descriptions and added images. Your links will also be published in a related category and 2 additional “tags” will be added which create new URL´s on the site and will make it possible that the business listing can be found for these long tail keywords in Google. The listing will get a homepage listing in the homepage slider as long as it is listed with the newest listings and also a link to the listing page can be found on the homepage at the newest listing section below on the homepage which get the listing page and “tag pages” indexed very quickly. And the embedded Google Maps will give you an extra link to your local listing result which will help you to get ranked higher in the local Google listings. Also mentions of your business location (citations) will help to get you ranked higher in the local Google search results.

Links from advertising sites can generate direct sales

Lots of advertising websites allow a link in the advertisement to your website. Although these are nofollow links, they will contribute to improve a natural link profile and therefor improve you rankings. It is also possible to generate direct sales with our conversion targeted ad texts. This method works well for a lot of products and (local) services where people are price shopping but basically can work for any type of product and service you are offering. We use this method for our self for various services we offer as well as to promote the services and products of our clients.

  • Speurders.nl (DA66)
  • Tweedehands.nl (DA52)
  • Marktgigant.nl (DA45)
  • Marktnet.nl (DA45)
  • Marktplaza.nl(DA48)
  • Tweedehands.net (DA52)
  • Koopplein.nl (DA42)
  • Aanbodpagina.nl (DA50)
  • Facebook (DA100)
  • Twitter (DA100)
  • Linkedin (DA100)

Ready To Order?

After reading all this information you might wonder how to order these packages. You can use the direct payment links which can be found in the table above on this page or you can go to the contact page or fill in the quote request form on the right. Let us know which package you want and we will send you a quote within 24 hours. This way we also offer you the possibility to pay a small 30% in advance and 70% after delivery of the “link building report”. In this report we will also show the keyword ranking analysis where you can see the keyword rankings, search volumes, keyword difficulty scores, competition in Google Adwords and the corresponding ranking URL´s. Go now to the contact page and make your order!