For most companies, their website is the most important lead generator and attracts most of their new customers. A good performing website can generate more sales and brand awareness. To be able to be found well in the search engines, it is important to at least do some basic search engine optimization. A well laid out strategy will result in faster rankings in Google with minimum effort. It will also help to gain focus on particular key phrases which will be used in online promotion and branding outings. By repeating the strategy and keep focus on these keywords and the ever-changing search algorithm, a maximum return on efforts from the online marketing work will be the result. Our free SEO Report provides an independent, critical look at the strengths and weaknesses of your current SEO strategy. We can easily point out critical weaknesses and report these to you. This free SEO consultation comes with appropriate solutions for your current weaknesses so that you can beat the competition in the search engines.

What is included in the free SEO Scan?

Things that we will cover in the free SEO Scan:

On-page SEO optimization factors such as your current web page optimization strategy and things we can improve such as conversion optimization, call-to-actions and graphics.
Off-page SEO optimization factors such as your current link building strategy and the health of your link profile compared to some top competitors.
Free tips and recommendations that you can implement yourself, or you can outsource it to one of our SEO specialists.

By filling out the above form, you will get to know within 24 hours how your site stands out compared to your competitors and how efficiency can be improved. The value of SEO quick scan is between € 300, – and € 500, -. We reserve the right to refuse some applications if we believe that the site is not commercial valuable enough or is operating in a niche which we cannot or should not do business with respect to non-disclosure agreements. Companies that certainly will receive a free SEO Report are the companies that operate in interesting commercial niches, this can be both local, national and international. The SEO Report gives a good picture of the factors that Google considers important and rewards with good positions in the Google search engine.

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    What to do with the recommendations of the SEO Analysis?

    You can implement some recommendations on your site yourself, or outsource SEO service to our efficient and result-oriented experts. The top position in Google for top keywords with high competition are only reserved for websites that have a clear vision and SEO strategy developed and implemented and evaluate and adjust the strategy regularly. Ask for our free SEO analysis by filling out the form on the top of this page.