Do you want your company name hangs with your customers? A visitor after leaving your website, you will not forget easily? This is possible with behavioral retargeting, an advertising technique that interested customers a targeted ad message will be shown on different premium sites that your customer will visit after leaving your site. The campaign can be tailored to the behavior of website visitors leaving, but also buying website visitors where you can up- and cross-selling to. Visitors to your site can retargeting by displaying an advertisement on the sites they like to visit. In this way your brand, website and (new) offer “top of mind” and to build a loyal clientele.

Less loss of customers!

Think of all those potential customers you lose, because they leave your website without having to actually buy something or make use of a service. It seems difficult to reach these consumers, because you have no email address. But how would it be if these visitors do a “targeted offer” can do after they leave your site? Just take into consideration how much money you would give if only half of these customers can achieve anyway, can win their interest and still can be tempted to purchase. With this method, your customer’s browsing behavior is tracked, so he gets to see ads that fit perfectly with him. You can let the customer make an offer for free shipping when they leave our site to the page where the shipping costs are displayed. Or an attractive text like: Now temporary 30% discount, the offer is valid until …. Time sensitive discounts are good triggers the customer to pull yet over. It is also possible to customers who make a purchase OR retargeting and offering them interesting up sales. You can think of a customer who buys a console. You can continue this customer and always offer the latest games. When this customer purchases a game, you can do even more targeted offers only by this customer to promote relevant new games through retargeting ads.

The Benefits of Online Advertising With Retargeting:

  • Make targeted offers based on visitor behavior on your website.
  • With ‘retargeting advertising’ visitor of your website shoot the fly through the ceiling. Experience shows that the number of clicks within the shortest time multiplied by ten, compared to normal banner ads or Google Ads.
  • The so-called ‘conversion rates’ increase, or the number of visitors you need to achieve your goals, improve, because your ads will be displayed to visitors who already showed interest in your products or services.
  • The higher and also more effective visitor numbers, make sure you remove your investment quickly if the conversion value exceeds the cost per conversion.
  • Just like Google Ads, retargeting campaigns can be run on a performance-only basis, which means that you only pay if the campaign has produced measurable results. That way you get security.
  • Touch your customers do not lose when they leave the store, but paving stone their way out ads with your organization.
  • Customers no longer remember your name!

Would you like to work with behavioral retargeting?

Simple SEO offers a retargeting campaign for a low price for which you can get an optimized retargeting advertising campaign. You’ll be able to fit on many important premium sites with very large numbers of visitors leaving your message and website visitors still persuade possibly with a discount offer such as free shipping on can get the line. So even though these visitors are no longer on your site, you can find them still persuaded to become a customer for you. An entry retargeting campaign starts with us all at € 180, – per month. With this money, we can start the campaign and optimization in order to achieve a minimum cost per click. When the campaign is profitable, then it is wise to increase the budget as more measurable data arise that the campaign can be optimized. Prices Retargeting Campaign In table shows only packages we offer below. The design of the banner set is included in the price. This will save you soon € 395, -. In addition to our broad knowledge, we distinguish this from the competition. Such an offer you will not easily find anywhere else.

You pay a one-time fee and receive:

  • A complete banner set incl. Facebook format
  • Schedule your campaign
  • Campaign management and optimization
  • Telephone support
  • Weekly extensive reporting by mail
  • Own login in our retargeting system so you can watch

Want to know more? For advice or information about online advertising with a retargeting campaign, please contact us. Our retargeting specialist will respond within 24 hours.