• No recurring monthly costs or subscription fees. Although SEO is a continuous process, most SEO steps only have to be set up once.  We do recommend repeating link building because the search engines prefer a natural growth in the number of incoming links. It is also good practice to keep track of your rankings to see if the SEO efforts lead to the desired results and to spot chances. All other SEO steps only need repetition when it is really necessary. Companies that work with subscriptions do this with a reason because they can charge for things you don’t need. Our approach is that you pay for what you get. This will most certainly save you some bugs.
  • Order what you need. Does your web page need a little bit of attention, then order web page optimization. Do you need more traffic to your site and rank higher for a specific search term, then order some high value links. Are you able to create the links to your site yourself? Then order a list with the top link options sorted by expected link juice. You can order a ranking check report at any time to monitor your ranking and see which keyword needs attention and which keywords are doing fine. You will see your web page rank higher in the search result within one or two weeks.
  • You do not pay per keyword like with some other companies. With our SEO strategy you will also gain high rankings for several other related keywords as you can see on our SEO results page. We achieve this by writing semantic content for your web pages. After a keyword research, we use related keywords in the content of your web page. Search engines love this because now they can easily find out what the theme is of your site. Now that they know what your site is all about and have found related keywords on your web site they can rank you for multiple related keyword combinations.
  • No nonsense approach. You will receive perfectly understandable SEO reports (in English), with a summary and clear recommendations for further improvements. We like to keep SEO Simple!

Conclusion: Choose The SEO Services Of Simple SEO!

Choose our SEO Services and get a free custom quote by filling in the contact form and letting us know for which keywords you want to rank high in Google.