Adwords Road Map - Google Adwords Specialists

The Adwords Specialists of Simple SEO can help setting up a successful Google Adwords campaign for you. With Adwords it is possible to quickly make an ad and appear in the top of the paid search results within one hour. This is something which is not possible with natural search engine optimization because high rankings in these results take much more effort. A disadvantage of Google Adwords is that you will have to pay for each click. With natural seo you do not pay anything per click. We can advise you what is the best balans between spending on SEA and SEO with the best return on investment in mind.

Price for setting up an Google Adwords Campaign

We can set up an Adwords campaign for you from €397,- a month. You will receive €50,- Adwords credit which will give you a nice kick start. We charge no setup fee and a bare minimum of a 3 months optimization span which sets us apart from our competitors. Ask us for free advise and a free custom quote!

Google Adwords Strategy:

Adwords Competition Research 1) Competition Research – Which texts are used by the competition, which keywords do they use in their Adwords campaign and on their landing pages and how can we diversify and position ourselves in a better way?
Keyword research for Adwords 2) Keyword research – Which keywords do we want our advertisement to appear for in the search results and which keywords do we use in the advertisement and landing page text?
Geografie Adwords 3) Writing different attractive advertisements (Ad Groups) with a strong call to action.  Setting up the different advertisements in Google Adwords, determine geography, demography, publication time span, budget, relevant partner sites, cost per click (cpc) and setup payment method. Here we also have the possibility to choose from different ad extensions with which we can increase the CTR and lower the cost per click and cost per sale.
landing page optimization 4) Optimise landing page, set up call to action and install conversion tracking code on your site.
Adwords Statistics Analysis 5) Analyse results different Ad Groups and advertisement texts, adjust, remove and/or ad new Ad Groups and ad texts, adjust cost per click, keywords and text on landing page according to the best performing keywords according to the statistics and cost per conversion per keyword.

Advertisements in the Google paid search results receive about 30% of all clicks. The other 70% of the clicks will go to the natural search results. Combining seo and sea can be a good practice. For example with sea (Adwords) you can still rank high for the keywords with which you do not rank high in the natural search results. Seo and sea will have to work together and be fine tuned to receive an optimal return on investment. When choosing our services you will see that we will advise you on the best to follow strategy and share valuable information with you to make sure you will get the best ROI. Want to know more? Our Adwords Specialists are ready for you. Contact us for more information and advise. Fill in the contact form and we will get back to you within 24 hours.