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Mobile website optimization for SEO

Have you recently received an email from your Google Webmasters account that your website is not working well on mobile and needs to be fixed? You are not alone. Many sites are still not optimized for mobile devices. And because Google wants to offer its users an optimal experience, sites that are not optimized for mobile will be placed lower in the Google rankings, as has been recently reported on various sources.

Mobile (Search) Traffic and Number of Mobile Transactions Are Exploding!

You have until June 21 to have your site made mobile friendly! Google will place websites without a mobile version lower in the search engine rankings. This is not surprising since mobile is now growing explosively and Google wants to give its users an optimal user experience and that means fast loading times and user-friendly design without horizontal scrolling on mobile. The latest reports from Zanox also show that the number of mobile transactions in the 4th quarter of 2014 was more than twice as high as in the previous quarter, which indicates that mobile adoption is taking off.

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Google Rewards “Mobile Ready Sites”

In addition, Google has recently started rewarding websites that have a mobile version with a “mobile-friendly” mention when searching in the search engine on a mobile device. So if you are not properly prepared, you will miss out on a lot of turnover.

A Responsive Website Is Not a Mobile Website! In terms of conversion optimization, there is still a lot to gain with a real mobile-optimized site!

A responsive website alone is often not enough!


People navigate much more with their thumb on mobile devices, and they do not like scrolling on their mobile to find information. Your website must be set up for this by immediately displaying the most important call-to-action buttons, so that people can e.g. immediately see the prices, reviews, results and the quote request form. This way, you will generate more sales from website visitors who visit your site on their mobile phone.

Information From Mobile Apps Is Indexed By Google

Google will give more weight to ‘mobile friendliness’ and will also index data from apps. This is currently only possible with Android apps, but may also be possible with iPhone apps at a later stage.

The Solution to Improve and Optimize Mobile Website Traffic!

We can help you prevent this for a ridiculously low price and leave your competitors behind. So you will not be put lower in the rankings, and your competitors without a mobile site will. So you’re going to beat a lot of your competition for all the mobile searches that are being done, and that’s currently.

What requirements should your mobile site meet?

  • No use of Flash!
  • No need to scroll horizontally
  • Text is easy to read without having to zoom in
  • Links are not too close together (so that it is not easy to click on the wrong link);

Mobile Website Testing

You can visit a number of sites to test your website for mobile friendliness. The most obvious is the Mobile Friendly test from Google itself. If your site looks good to them, then this seems to me to be the most important. You can also visit where you can test your site on about a hundred different mobile devices with different screen sizes from the following brands, among others:

  • iPhone
  • Samsung
  • Blackberry
  • Google Nexus
  • HTC
  • Huawei
  • LG
  • Motorola
  • Nokia
  • Sony (Xperia)
  • Xiaomi
  • ZTE

Would you like to have a mobile website created at an affordable price?

We can help you design your website beautifully on mobile devices. Let us know which website you want to make mobile-friendly, and we will come up with a proposal for mobile website design. You can use the contact form for this.

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