website silo structuur mbv Wordpress plugin

SEO Silo Structure Is Necessary For Highly Competitive Websites!

website silo structuur mbv WordPress plugin
Website silo structuur op laten zetten mbv een WordPress plugin

With the Simple SEO silo structure strategy, your website is optimally optimized in the right pyramid shape and with the right cross pages and blog articles interlinking structure. In this way, Google knows optimally what your site is about and the internal link value (link juice) is optimally used and passed on to the correct related pages. Setting up such a structure will really pay off when you are in a niche where there are many (long tail) keywords to target and these keywords can be easily divided into categories.

The effect of a good silo structure on your website will ensure that you rank optimally in the search results for all important keywords because Google and other search engines know that your website is super relevant and offers complete information in a logically structured way. Your website is then more likely to fall into the authority category and when that happens, the magic happens and that is that all your articles will rank easily in Google many times over. This makes achieving top positions in Google a lot easier and you can leave your competition behind. To set up the silo structure, we work with a special WordPress plugin.

Do you now have to transfer your site to WordPress?

Ideally, the silo structure is of course determined in advance before setting up a website. The silo structure can also be implemented afterwards, even if you do not have a WordPress site. We can set up the silo structure on a WordPress installation in a subfolder of your site (e.g. This way you keep your current site. Many leads will then come in via the silo structure pages as they will rank high in Google. We can design this WordPress installation in the corporate identity of your current site so that your visitors will notice little or nothing of a separate CMS installation. Via a quote request form, the leads that come in can contact you directly and request a quote.

Which plugin do you use for this?

We have an in-house developed plugin for the silo structure that we use and maintain. This plugin is not available on the market so it is uniquely used only for our customers.

For more information about setting up a silo structure for your site, please contact us via the contact form.

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