The Best Free SEO Tools

There are a lot of free SEO tools that can help you get started with making analyses. For both commercial and free tools, you achieve the best results by properly applying the functionalities and options, which usually takes quite a bit of time. The more features, the more difficult it becomes. Therefore, try to use a simple step-by-step plan that continuously produces the desired results. Below you will find some free SEO tools that we use every day.

Ahref SEO toolbar

The Ahrefs SEO Toolbar has the largest link database in the world. Ahrefs is very useful to view the backlink profile of your competitor, but also the link profile of your own website. All accessible websites are checked and a printout of all backlinks is created. You can make a report of this yourself. This way you can see for yourself whether your website has a correct backlink profile. This tool has nice graphics and is easy and convenient to use when monitoring anchor texts and domains.

SEO for Firefox

SEO for Firefox adds extra information to Google results. This ensures that when you look up something via Google, information such as age, number of links, Page rank is also displayed. The type of links and Alexa ranking are also indicated.

SEOBook SEO Toolbar

The SEO toolbar from SEOBook is a tool that immediately gives you all the information you need. From every website you visit. For example, this plugin provides: an estimate of the number of visitors, number of backlinks and age. This toolbar is only suitable for Firefox.

MOZ SEO toolbar

With the handy free SEO toolbar from Moz you can see, among other things, the MozRank, Domain Authority and Page Authority value of an internet page at a glance. You must log in to your account to view the data. During link building, you can see which sites are valuable. Mozbar also shows SEO statistics. With this tool you can check keyword positions and using the keword difficulty is also practical. A very useful plugin for an online marketer, for example.

Free Online Rank Tracker

seolium.com project setup

Seolium.comrank tracker free 500 credits per month! The great thing about the free online rank tracker is that first you get a lot of free credits, much more than comparable online rank trackers. Secondly, you can perform laser-sharp local tuning, so that your local rank results match as closely as possible the results seen from the location you set. In addition, this Google rank tracker software uses their own database, so they do not have to constantly use an API with IP proxy, which makes the Google ranking data inaccurate, because Google blocks the data with too many requests. By using their own database they guarantee an accuracy of 99.7% of the reported ranking data. Rank checks can be performed daily, weekly and monthly or on request, i.e. manually. In the latter way you use the least number of credits. In addition to the ranking data, you can compare your rankings with those of your competitors and the search volume of the keywords is also reported. Another feature that sets this SEO tool apart from the competition is the fact that you can create an unlimited number of projects, competitors and reports.

SEOKicks Backlink Checker

The database of the German SEOKicks contains more than 50 trillion links. Links that no longer exist are automatically removed from the SEOkicks database. In addition to providing access to backlinks via the website, it is also possible to retrieve data via backlink API and import it into your own data. Both XML and JSON API are available for this. To use this API you need an account. Detailed information can be obtained from the API documentation.

HTML Link Checker

This HTML link checker reads an HTML document, XHTML document or a CSS Style Sheet and creates a list of links. All links are checked for usability and whether they are not listed twice.

Bulk Domain Authority Checker

With this also free domain authority checker you can check up to 10 domains. You can also check IP addresses with it. All you have to do is provide a list of URLs and Bulk Domain Authority Checker will check them all.

Meta Tag Extractor

This Meta Tag Extractor collects information about HTML web pages, such as keywords, meta titles and meta descriptions. This is displayed by Meta Tag via a list. Meta Tag has various options for outputting a list in a CSV file so that you can then easily optimize all metadata in Excel and distribute the keywords across the pages.

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